About Murphy's Movies

This project uses the TMDB API but is not endorsed or certified by TMDB.

It was built with a focus on front-end development and utilisation of APIs, putting together some of the latest skills and libraries I've been learning over the past couple of years. I worked using Continuous Integration and Test Driven Development, which helped to design the components as I built them and to detect errors early.


I drew up wireframes for this project based on components from other movie websites such as TMDB, IMDB and Netflix and worked with a Kanban board to plan & organise tasks.

Overview of Tools

  • Next.js - a framework which features hybrid static & server rendering and route pre-fetching with no config needed.

  • React Query - for data management, allowing the fetching, synchronising, updating, and caching of remote data while reducing the amount of code needed.

  • React Testing Library - focuses on testing the application components in the way the user would use them.

  • Stitches - A lightweight, performant styling library that supports cross-browser server-side rendering, including for responsive styles and variants.

  • Radix - a low-level UI component library with a focus on accessibility and customisation used for the base layer of my design system.

  • Auth 0 - allows users to login with their email or preferred social platform and save their preferences.

  • Vercel - a platform that takes care of deploying instantly and scaling automatically.

View this project on GitHub for more information or check out my portfolio to see more projects.